FAQs - Company Information

Where does the unusual name Mushatt come from?

It’s the name of the family that emigrated from Eastern Europe to Dublin, Ireland in 1886 and created the Mushatt’s No. 9 range of special skin care products. See: History of Mushatts.

Why are the products called Mushatt’s No. 9?

The Mushatt family started an apothecary shop in Dublin in 1922 and quickly became well know and respected for the quality of the skin care products they developed. It is believed that the name Mushatt’s No. 9 originated from the fact that the unique recipe that today is the Mushatt’s No. 9 range of psoriasis products was contained in a small black notebook marked number 9. That’s the story, but the real important fact is that this black note book has been preserved to this very day and contains the 86 year old original formulation that makes the Mushatt’s No. 9 range of products so special.

Where is Mushatt’s No. 9 made?

Mushatt’s No.9 products are made in Ireland and in the United States. Both production facilities comply with the highest international standards laid down by the European Union and the FDA and are manufactured in line with GMP procedures. All US production is sold in the United States, while the Irish production is sold in Ireland, the UK and as far away as Japan.

Who owns Mushatt’s?

Mushatt’s is a privately held family owned business and is incorporated in the US and in Ireland.

How can I contact Mushatt’s?

Click here to Contact Us or call 1-800-642-SKIN (7546).