Pustular Psoriasis

Pustular Psoriasis is a very rare form of Psoriasis. The main symptom of Pustular Psoriasis are raised bumps on the skin, similar to blisters which are filled with pus (hence the term "Pustular").

There are a few different types of Pustular Psoriasis

Symptoms of Accute Pustular Psoriasis appear suddenly and without notice.

Symptoms are ever-present and long lasting

A mixture of Accute and Chronic

Von Zumbusch:
Symptoms are accompanied by the chills, fever, nausea and/or joint pain.

Acrodermatitis continua:
This rare type of Pustular Psoriasis affects the fingers. With this type the fingernails can come under severe pressure from the pus blisters and seem to float on top of them. Very often people with Acrodermatitis Continua Pustular Psoriasis suffer painful and permanent fingernail dammage.

Treatments for Pustular Psoriasis
There are many psoriasis treatments. As with any condition no single treatment is perfect for everyone. Many people use multiple treatments together and usually this is safe. We would strongly suggest that you consult with your doctor for treatments for Pustular Psoriasis.

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